High Frequency Plastic tarpaulin Welding Machine For Tent Awning Canvas

High Frequency Plastic tarpaulin Welding Machine For Tent Awning Canvas

Hot Sale Pvc Tarpaulin Plastic Welding Machine,High Frequency Welding Machine Price, PVC fabric high frequency tarpaulin welding machine with CE.

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High Frequency Plastic tarpaulin Welding Machine For Tent Awning Canvas


Model RV3000Sseries
Max. input power 5KVA
Voltage Single phase 50Hz ,220V10%
Frequency 27.12MHz 0.5%
Cooling Air cooling
Air requirement 6 bar
Welding width 20mm-50mm
Welding speed 0-6m/min
Certification CE
Welding table length From 6m to 54m *
Floor requiremen 950 mm x 6000mm, 5.7 m2(Standard)
Weight 780kg (6m Standard)

●Standard configuration for welding table is 6m. Table module length is 3m.

●Patented idea – Combination of HF and continuous movement .

●Optional table length.

●Smooth and perfect output.

●High speed.

●Low power request.

Main Features

1, using intelligent PLC man-machine interface operating system, stepper or servo motor drive. Automatic walking, precise location, without moving materials and machinery. Completed a joint one, neat seams, no wrinkles, no knife and India. Welding speed of up to 5-10m per minute.

2, The machine can be continuously connected to the pressure line melt, then melt length can be freely customized. The European standard high-frequency oscillatory square box, to contribute larger, more stable. Machine for the C-type structure,
3, High frequency welding machine equipped with High Frequency NL5557 spark protection system to prevent damage to the high-frequency welding mold. High frequency welding machine membrane structure welding time, according to the material thickness different set free, high-frequency precision adjustable power output size.
4, high frequency heat balloon maker, movie screen high frequency sewing machine high frequency canvas welding machine, high frequency welding machine membrane structure, high frequency canvas, car canvas welding machine.

Series Continuous RV Welder is a set of brand-new HF welding equipment, based on an unique continuous HF welding theory.

Basically,HF welding technology takes advantage of electronic tube self-surge reaction to generate a high frequency electric field between upper and down electrodes, to heat the welding material (polar plastic) molecularly till melting, then welding them together under the pressure of the welding head.

Continuous RV welder, whose welding head do continuous movement accompanying the trail-guided main machine moving, overcomes the disadvantage of the traditional intermittent HF welder, to be possible of welding long distance, especially for tens meters, and large size welding material in a better speed and quality.

Typical applicants: Advertisement Flexible & Banner, Housetop Tarpaulin, swimming pool for PVC membrane, Membrane toy and big size PVC membrane plastics used in architecture .

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