PVC Transparent Mesh Tarpaulin Clear Plastic Film

PVC Transparent Mesh Tarpaulin Clear Plastic Film

Clear mesh poly tarp, greenhouse plastic film, transparent pvc clear mesh tarpaulin for agricultural greenhouse.

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RV-Clear-026 Best PVC Transparent Mesh Tarpaulin Clear Plastic Film

Technical parameters:



Base Fabric

Tensile Strength

Tear Strength

Adhesion Strength

Temperature Resistance








200Dx300D 9x9

No Delamination




500D*500D 9*9

No Delamination




500D*500D 4.5x4.5

No Delamination




1000Dx1000D 9x9



No Delamination


Clear PVC





No Delamination



PVC tarpaulins, car tarpaulins, waterproof tarpaulins, plastic tarpaulins are made of high strength polyester high-strength polyester canvas fabric, coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin with addition of variety of chemical additives, like DOP, anti-aging and anti-static components, etc.. It has waterproof, anti-mildew, anti-cold, anti-aging, anti-static properties; and the product breaking strength, tearing strength, elongation rate is much better than traditional tarp; Different colorful appearance, very enjoyable. Special surface treatment anti-slip effect, is a popular international waterproof cloth, and maximum width up to 3.20 meters, can reduce the joint and improve the quality of the finished product during processing. It can be easily hot welded, 100% waterproof. Different functions, different colors, different thickness of the product can be produced according to clients' request.


1) Cover and protect the goods in the open air storage.

2) Truck covers(top and side)

3) Awnings, tents

4) Bags

5) Inflatable toys, inflatable pools, inflatable boats

6) Adumbral materials for building facility.

Application of pvc mesh tarpaulin:

  1. Construction

  2. Dumpster trucks

  3. Fence liners

  4. Landscape trucks

  5. Privacy screens

  6. Salvage trucks

  7. Scaffolds

  8. Shade cloths

Advantage of our pvc mesh tarpaulin:

  1. Flexible

  2. High strength

  3. Different color available

  4. Heat sealed seams available

  5. Reinforced hems with grommets available

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clear pvc.jpg

pvc clear sheet.jpg

clear pvc roll.jpg

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Q: If your order quantity is less than MOQ? How can we help you?

A:If your order quantity is not reach our MOQ, pls feel free to contact us, and send your requirements  in details. We will help you check our stock accordingly and send you feedback.

Q:How can you get a sample?

A:Free Samples size is less than 1sq.m. Pls ask it from our sales if you need some samples for testing.

Q:Can We do fast delivery?

A:20-25 days. If your order is urgent, we can do it faster.

Q:What can you do if you get the goods with bad quality?

A:1. Take photos of the goods with problem.

2.Keep the goods for us

3.Send all your feedback to our sales. Our clients service team will help you solve the problem together. If the problem caused by us, we will afford this responsibility.

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