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High Tear Strength Waterproof Pvc Tarpaulin


Waterproof PVC tarpaulin is uses in wide range, good fire performance, but also 100% water-friendly environment. The main component of common PVC synthetic fabric is PVC, its low price, excellent insulation properties, high chemical stability. But also acid and alkali.

In the choice of PVC tarpaulin, Reevoo prompts you when you use the PVC tarpaulin fabric must consider your use of the environment, such as your purchase of PVC tarpaulin material used in the water, the exposure of the pier, the car cover , Yard, port, please use the high quality PVC waterproof tarpaulin. Do not buy bad tarpaulins at cheap prices. This tarpaulin life is not long, the tear strength is not good. Of course, if you just use it as a storage or as a mat, choosing an economical tarp is also a good choice. PVC coated tarpaulin also applies to the production of marquee, tents, swimming pool liner, fish tank ,fish pond and even inflatable boats.