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PVC Flexible Folding Storage Water Tank

PVC flexible folding storage tank


Production Technology: High-frequency heat welding technology (non-hot air technology)


Advantages: Compared to the previous cans or hard plastic water jugs, PVC jugs have:  flexible handling; itself low production costs, low transportation costs, and the larger unit volume; can be taken out to use.



1. Material Type: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

2. Temperature stability: no flow at high temperatures, no blistering, non-slip; low temperature brittle performance. Can also be considered in a certain temperature changes to maintain the original performance of the ability.

3. Mechanical strength, elongation, fracture resistance: In the framework of the building to withstand load stress and deformation under the conditions of not cracking performance.

4. Flexibility: special requirements for waterproof materials with low temperature flexibility to ensure easy construction, not brittle.

5. Atmospheric stability: In the sun, heat, oxygen and other chemical aggressive media, microbial erosion media and other factors under the long-term comprehensive resistance to aging, resist erosion.

 6. Water resistance: that is, the role of water and infiltration of water is basically the same performance, under the pressure of water with water resistance.

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