PVC Tarpaulin Strength And Good Performance

- Jun 26, 2019-

PVC tarpaulin has excellent physical properties of physical transfer, such as high strength, good self-cleaning property, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy and long service life. Improved service life and enhanced chemical resistance. With UV resistance and oxidation resistance. It has new flame retardant and fire safety.

It has excellent tensile, tear-resistant, anti-stripping properties, good wear resistance, and can be used repeatedly to save costs. The tarpaulin must consider its breathability, especially for military tents. The factors affecting the permeability are the texture of the backing fabric, the density, the material, the type of waterproofing agent, and the amount of resin adhered. As the amount of resin adhesion increases, the air permeability of the tarpaulin decreases. Of course this is related to the finishing agent used. Most of the tents with breathable properties are made of paraffin or acryl resin, such as cotton, vinylon, lacquer, and other short fabrics.

The tarpaulin must withstand various tensions when it is used. For example, when it is fixed, it should be subjected to tension; during use, it should be subjected to additional forces such as wind, rain and electricity. Despite these external forces, they are still required to maintain their original shape and are not easily deformed, which requires the tarpaulin to have a high tensile strength and should not have too much difference in latitude and longitude tensile strength. In particular, the tensile strength of large tents for inflatable buildings is extremely important. Generally, the base fabric is made of long-fiber fabrics such as high-strength polyester and vinylon. Waterproof finishing with vinyl chloride resin and chlorosulfonated polyethylene resin. The strength of the product is mainly determined by the strength of the fiber material and the density of the fabric

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