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TPU/PVC Inflatable Water Roller

1.Materials:TPU 0.8mm/1.0mm ,PVC 0.8mm/1.0mm ,Non-toxic, colorless, hydrolysis, anti-oxidant.


2.Size:  2.1*1.8*2m,  2.1*1.8*2.5m, 2.1*1.8*2.7m   (three chamber)

             2.2*1.7*2m,  2.2*1.7*2.5m,  2.2*1.7*2.7m  (one chamber)


1) Three-chamber water roller has three air inlets and very safe.If any of them leaks air,the roller will not sink.

2) The loading capacity is 2-3persons every time.

3) The one -chamber roller has only one air inlets and very convenient to inflate.Both sides are free to the air.

Inflatable water roller.jpg