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What Is Pvc Tarpaulin?

PVC tarpaulins also be called waterproof canvas or PVC coated tarpaulin, canvas material. In the processing of the manufacturing process increased by plasticizers, anti-aging agent and some other auxiliary materials after dipping, coating, scraping, baking, cold and other production processes to enhance its Heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc., the surface coating paste resin with speed enhancers, anti-fungal agents, anti-aging agents and other chemical additives, with non-flammable, high strength, weather resistance and Excellent geometric stability but also with waterproof, anti-mildew, wear-resistant, durable, cold, anti-aging, and other characteristics. Tear strength, elongation at break, tear strength is far superior to traditional tarps. Its wide range of uses, strength, color and diverse, its special non-slip surface, is the world's popular waterproof fabric, width, up to 5 meters wide, the use of available heat splicing, avoid leakage concerns, tarpaulin is a The mainstream of modern products in the market.

cover tarpaulin car.jpg



1. Long life, anti-aging

2. Waterproof,fireproof

3. Weather -30 ℃ -70 ℃

4. Has a certain antibacterial, anti-mildew effect.



1. Cargo tarps, truck cover, trains cover, ships(boat cover) available;

2. Station, docks, ports, airports and other open yard,can be used for awning ,sunshade;

3. Construction of a temporary granary and a variety of crops and household daily necessities;

4 .Can be used for temporary construction sites such as electric power construction site huts, temporary storage materials,pvc membrane;

5. Can be configured camping tents, tents and all kinds of jacket machinery and equipment.

6 .Can be used as fish tank, fish ponds, swimming wheelchair liner materials and a variety of inflatable materials.

7. Can be used as Water storage/water tank



PVC tarps should be avoided in the process of drag on the ground, but also to avoid and sharp metal or weapons mouth impact and tear; If the use of the product is damaged, you can first clean it, damage to wipe it again with alcohol, and then In the cloth head and damage at the general-purpose rubber coated (100 rubber, sticky), three minutes after the stick can be affixed.