Greenhouse Clear Roofing Plastic Sheet Corrugated Panel Corrugated Board

Greenhouse Clear Roofing Plastic Sheet Corrugated Panel Corrugated Board

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) or Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) is a widely-used term describing flat panels that consist of a non-aluminium core bonded between two aluminium sheets. Aluminium sheets can be coated with PVDF or Polyester paint. ACPs are frequently used for external cladding of buildings (building facades), for insulation and for signage. Material quality:Environmental protection PP material at food grade, can provide SGS environmental protection report and MSDS of the products safety,ISO certification,PONY testing report,FDA report.Corrugated.Plastic Coroplast, Corflute, Correx, Corex, CartonPlast, IntePro, Proplex, Polyflute,Danpla, Twinplast, Corriflute, Fluteboard, Impraboard or Corriboard - refers to a wide range of extruded twin wall plastic-sheet products produced from high-impact polypropylene resin specifically for use in the screen printing, display and packaging markets. Special products that require additives include: ultra-violet protection, anti-static, conductive, flame retardant, custom colors, corrosive inhibitors, among others.

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REEVOO Ourdoor Greenhouse Clear Roofing Plastic Sheet Corrugated Panel Corrugated  Board

2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm corflute corrugated plastic sheet      offers the following unique advantages:

1. Light weight and high tensile strength

2. Non-toxic, Free of smell, Hygienic and suitable for food contact

3. Waterproof, Low water absorption

4. Heat resistance, thanks to it's multi-wall structure, it can durable between -30°C, +90°C heat

5. Chemical resistance, modified UV protective and become more resistant to sunlight if needed,

6. Suitable for cutting and bending, folding, it can be easily converted into reusable divides, box etc.

7. PP is hydrocarbon, theres no toxic when burns, suitable for recycle and conform to environmental perseverance.

Lawn material--- corrugated PP/PE plastic sheets'

1) UV digital printing and silk screen printing for advertising.
2) Protecting for decoration
3) Backplates and support plates for refrigerators freezers and washing machine.
4) Protecting plates for glass bottle pallets.
5) Packaging box for fruits, vegetables etc.
6) Packaging for industrial packing.

** Application:
(1) Billboard.
(2) Screen printing.
(3) Exhibition booth decoration.
(4) Display (indoor and outdoor)
(5) Packaging box.
(6) Cushion material, tray, insulate.

- Durable:extruder pp plastic sheet/plate are engine ered to be much stronger than typical paper solutions; extruder pp plastic sheet/plate containers can be reused many more times than cardboard or paper.

- Impact Strength: The impact strength of extruder pp plastic sheet/plate is outstand toughness offers greater protection against breakage during transportation,installation and usage.The impact strength is 10-25 times as much as corrugated fiberboard.

- Flexible Solutions:We can engineer customextruder pp plastic sheet/plate solutions that can solve a number of your handling and storage challenges. We can custom fabricate containers of unique size, shapes and colors to meet your packaging needs.

- Moisture Proof:extruder pp plastic sheet/plate will withstand water and other chemicals to ensure longevity in less than ideal environments.

- Fiber Free:extruder pp plastic sheet/plate doesn't shed; Your product and storage area will have less contamination. The ideal material of PP Corrugated plastic sheet for clean room environments!

- Environmentally Friendly:Because of its durability, plastic containers can be reused many times and because plastic is recyclable, there is no waste to contaminate the environment ofextruder pp plastic sheet/plate.

- Printing Capabilities:Silk screen printing, digital printing and water based flexo-printing are some of the common methods of printing on extruder pp plastic sheet/plate.

- ESD Protection:extruder pp plastic sheet/plate can be made conductive to reduce static build-up and protect ESD sensitive materials.


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  Q: If your order quantity is less than MOQ? How can we help you?

A:If your order quantity is not reach our MOQ, pls feel free to contact us, and send your requirements  in details. We will help you check our stock accordingly and send you feedback or put your quantity into other order and produce together.


Q:How can you get a sample?

A:Free Samples size is less than 1sq.m. Pls ask it from our sales if you need some samples for testing.


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A:20-25 days. If your order is urgent, we can adjust it and put before other orders.


Q:What can you do if you get the goods with bad quality?

A: 1.Take photos of the goods with problem.

2.Keep the goods for us

3.Send all your feedback to our sales. Our clients service team will help you solve the problem together. If the problem caused by us, we will afford this responsibility.

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