Textile frontlit PVC banner Digital Print Material advertising banner(RV-MF01-340)

Textile frontlit PVC banner Digital Print Material advertising banner(RV-MF01-340)

pvc flex mesh advertising vinyl banner printing can be used for a range of purposes. Bring them to conventions to increase brand recognition and value, or use them in house to call out new products and promotions. For nearly every event your company hosts or attends, a custom banner can help spread your marketing message. SPECIFICATION: RV-MF01-340(2050) Base Fabric: 200D*500D 18*12/inch Weight: 340g/sq.m 10oz/sq.yd Width Available: 0.91-3.2m/ 36"-126" Tensile Strength: 680/560N /5CM Tear Strength: 120/105 //5CM Printing: SOLVENT; ECO-SOLVENT; UV RV-MF01-380(2050) Total Weight: 380g/m² 11oz/sq.yd. Base...

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Textile frontlit pvc banner Digital Print Material advertising banner(RV-MF01-340)

We Offer Full Color Digitally Banner printing, Mesh Banner, Indoor Or Outdoor.
Outdoor vinyl banner prints in any size, any color, and any design that you might need. Even better, all of our banners are available at low wholesale prices!

Full color vinyl printing, including outdoor banners – any size, any color, and completely custom designed.

Now imagine they are printed effortlessly, quickly, and at incredibly low wholesale prices! It's no dream – this is reality when you order with us! Perfect for conventions,

Trade show displays, and special events, our vinyl banners and outdoor banners really get your message across!

These heavy duty banners could be used for both indoors and outdoors for the following: Businesses-Large or Small

All of these custom banner sign making methods can be used for the following types of banner signs:

  • Sales and Promotions

  • Trade show Banners

  • Sports Clubs

  • Birthday and Office Parties

  • Religious Organizations/Church Gatherings

  • Vendor Booths

  • Graduations/Anniversaries

  • Concert Merch Tables

  • Schools

  • Special Announcements

  • And any other occasion that you may have

Item No.Base FabricWeightWidth AvailableTensile StrengthTear StrengthPrinting
RV-MF01-340(2050)200D*500D 18*12/inch340g/sq.m 10oz/sq.yd0.91-3.2m/ 36"-126"680/560N   /5CM120/105  //5CMSOLVENT; ECO-SOLVENT; UV
RV-MF01-380(2050)200D*500D 18*12/inch380g/m² 11oz/sq.yd.0.914-3.2M   /  36"-126"680/560N   /5CM120/105N  /5CMSOLVENT; ECO-SOLVENT; UV
RV-MF1-440(2050)200D*500D 18*12/inch440g/sq.m 13oz/sq.yd0.91-3.2m/ 36"-126"680/560N   /5CM120/105N    /5CMSOLVENT; ECO-SOLVENT; UV
RV-MBLA-280(5050)  WHITE / BLACK500D*500D 9*9/inch280g/m² 8oz/sq.yd.0.914- 5.0m/36"-197"765x590 N/5cm140x102N   /5CMSOLVENT; ECO-SOLVENT; UV
RV-MF2-440(5050)500D*500D 9*9/inch440g/m² 13oz/sq.yd.0.914- 5.0m/36"-197"775x605 N/5cm145x115N   /5CMSOLVENT; ECO-SOLVENT; UV
RV-MBLA-470(5050)   WHITE/BLACK500D*500D 9*9/inch470g/m² 14oz/sq.yd.0.914- 5.0m/36"-197"775x605 N/5cm145x115N   /5CMSOLVENT; ECO-SOLVENT; UV
RV-MF2-440(1010)1000D*1000D 9*9/inch440g/m² 13oz/sq.yd.0.914- 5.0m/36"-197"1395x1200 N/5cm165x125N   /5CMSOLVENT; ECO-SOLVENT; UV


1000D*1000D 9*9/inch500g/m² 1oz/sq.yd.0.914- 5.0m/36"-197"1395x1200 N/5cm165x125N   /5CMSOLVENT; ECO-SOLVENT; UV
RV-MW2-450(1018)1000D*1000D 18*18/inch450g/sq.m 13oz/sq.yd0.91-5m /36"-197"1650x1350N/5cm176x145N/5cmSOLVENT, ECO-SOVELNT, UV
RV-MW2-510(1018)1000D*1000D 18*18/inch450g/sq.m 13oz/sq.yd0.91-5m /36"-197"1650x1350N/5cm176x145N/5cmSOLVENT, ECO-SOVELNT, UV

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Q: If your order quantity is less than MOQ? How can we help you?

A:If your order quantity is not reach our MOQ, pls feel free to contact us, and send your requirements  in details. We will help you check our stock accordingly and send you feedback.

Q:How can you get a sample?

A:Free Samples size is less than 1sq.m. Pls ask it from our sales if you need some samples for testing.

Q:Can We do fast delivery?

A:20-25 days. If your order is urgent, we can do it faster.

Q:What can you do if you get the goods with bad quality?

A:1.Take photos of the goods with problem.

2.Keep the goods for us

3.Send all your feedback to our sales. Our clients service team will help you solve the problem together. If the problem caused by us, we will afford this responsibility.

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