200-20000 liter pillow flexible water storage tank Inflatable Bladder plastic

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China Water Tank  Water Container Storage Tank Inflatable Bladder Manufacturer

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Specification of Water Tank:



130 X 65 X 30CM

200 Liter

160 X 150 X 50CM

1000 Liter

300 X 200 X 50CM

3000 Liter

400 X 200 X 75CM

6000 Liter

800 X 200 X 75CM

12000 Liter

1350 X 200 X 75CM

20000 Liter

Durable & Easy to Handle

Inlet & Outlet Valves

Made Of Heavy Duty PVC Coated   Fabric

Includes Repair Kit

Features and Advantages:
1. Supply water anywhere anytime
2. Big volume & light weight ,less freight
3. Easy operation & easy carriage
4. Healthy and safe PVC material,Nonpoisonous & Tastless,No pollution to water

5. Wear resistant, tear resistant, heat resistant, age resistant
6. Flexible and folded, easy packing

7. Base fabric high tenacity polyester
8. Coating flexible plasticized PVC with UV inhibitors
9. Polymer fabric with PVC coating clipped
10. High-frequency welding or heat sealing

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The process of production



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